Instructional Design Services

Instructional design is the systematic development of instructional materials, based on the analysis of learning needs and required goals.

Our instructional design process follows the 5-step ADDIE model:

Analyse Analyse learner characteristics, tasks to be learned.
Design Develop learning objectives, choose an instructional approach
Develop Create instructional or training materials
Implement Deliver or distribute the training materials
Evaluate Make sure the materials achieve the desired goals


The key to our design success is our focus on giving participants new "tools for the toolbox". In other words, we focus on creating materials and activities that will give trainees new skills that they can practice both in the classroom environment and back in the workplace. While we recognise the value of theory and knowledge, our design principles ensure that theory-based sessions are integrated into more practical sessions.

Incorporated into all of our programs are opportunities for trainers to observe and measure trainee performance. This may be through formal tests and quizzes, but is more often through the completion of practical exercises, role plays, case studies and the like.

Learning materials include participant workbooks, self-paced learner guides, facilitator guides, PowerPoint slides, handouts, self paced e-learning modules or others as required.

Our instructional designers can create templates that reflect the look and feel of your business or we can use your templates if you prefer.