Our Team

Rebecca Muir

Rebecca is a highly effective training consultant with 18 years' experience in learning and development.

Rebecca has achieved the following accreditations:

  • Bachelor of Education,
  • Diploma in Frontline Management,
  • Certificate IV in Multimedia Design
  • Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment.

Rebecca has experience in the public and private sectors both in Australia and overseas including financial services, automotive, agribusiness and forestry industries.

She has a strong background in customer service, communications and compliance training, having worked with a major global insurer in the positions of Compliance Training Manager and National Training Manager, responsible for general staff and management development across the organisation and throughout its agency network.

Having worked internationally with several major organisations, with responsibility for general staff and management development in the Asia Pacific region, Rebecca is keenly aware of cultural nuances in training and development.

She is a creative and vibrant facilitator and has a proven track record in influencing people through her excellent presentation and communication skills.

Rebecca's instructional design skills have been proven through a number of projects, including the development of blended learning and assessment materials for major banking groups, retail operations and transport companies. She has undertaken competency identification projects for a number of clients, including a major agribusiness organisation, and she is highly conversant with both industry and enterprise competency specifications.

Rebecca's skills in large project management have been developed through many major projects for organisations, including an Australia-wide merger of two companies, change management projects during system roll-outs, and competency based training needs analyses for geographically spread organisations.

With an ability to draw from her strong academic training background and transfer her knowledge of learning into practical, interactive and stimulating training sessions, participants in sessions designed or facilitated by Rebecca gain valuable skills that they can begin using on the job immediately after training. She has a strong commitment to the success of all learners, and plays an ongoing mentoring role with many learners.

Debbie McAteer

Debbie is a learning and development specialist and has 12 years' experience in developing and delivering training programs.

Debbie has achieved the following accreditations:

  • Bachelor of Science (Hons)
  • Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment
  • E-learning Units from the Diploma of Training & Assessment
  • DiSC Behaviour Profiling

Much of her experience has been gained in the pharmaceutical industry, developing and facilitating training courses for pharmaceutical sales representatives and managers. In this fast paced industry Debbie demonstrated her ability to respond to the needs of the business and liaise with key stakeholders across the organisation to produce outcome driven training programs.

With a strong scientific background, Debbie has the skill set to convert complex material and concepts into relevant and engaging training programs.

She has conducted extensive research to produce training programs for the launch of new pharmaceutical products and landmark clinical trials in areas such as psychiatry and cardiovascular medicine.

In addition to designing technical programs, Debbie has extensive experience in developing programs to improve selling, communication and business skills. She has worked with sales teams and individual sales representatives to identify training needs and implement effective solutions through training and coaching.

Debbie is a confident presenter and facilitator with many years of experience in delivering innovative workshops for small and large groups. In previous roles she was a regular presenter at national sales conferences and international training managers' meetings. Whether it is a small or large workshop, Debbie makes a point of knowing her audience and adapting her approach accordingly. She is well known for her ability to connect with a group of learners and help them to reach their full potential.

Debbie also has expertise in delivering blended learning solutions that include e-learning opportunities. She has developed a number of E-learning programs using software such as Adobe Captivate and Articulate, to support learners before and after training workshops. She developed an in-house, web-based resource centre for sales representatives to access clinical trials and training resources. Debbie has also explored the use of a variety of technologies including blogs, wikis and other social media tools to provide more informal learning opportunities for learners.

Bianca Saunders

Bianca brings 10 years' experience in the criminal justice field and is now utilising her expertise in the training and development of others.

Bianca has achieved a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, as well as Management and Leadership programmes, and the equivalent Certificate IV Government (Court Services).

With a strong background in the leadership and management of others, Bianca has a demonstrated ability to communicate with and coach a wide range of audiences. Her project management skills have been developed through working with the implementation of major legislative and business changes and reforms.

She has experience as a business analyst, working with business practices and procedures affecting the change and the development of information technology systems. This has provided her with the opportunity to successfully negotiate business and programming requirements on behalf of a range of stakeholders.

Since joining On-Demand Training Solutions, Bianca has completed further instructional design training and has applied her skills to a number of projects, including developing participant and facilitator materials for major retail operations, road construction and maintenance groups, and automotive companies.

She is successfully using her background and education to train and develop a range of audiences, from trainees to managers. She has a strong commitment to the development of others and is excited with the opportunities and challenges ahead.

Graham Blackley

With over 14 years' experience in the industry, Graham Blackley is renowned for his professional, vibrant, energetic and exciting approach to learning and development.

Graham has worked with clients in the United States, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia. He specialises in showing teams and individuals how to:

  • maximise their full potential
  • provide superior internal and external service
  • manage work priorities effectively
  • generate positive responses from clients, staff and colleagues even in challenging or emotionally-charged circumstances.

Graham models the behaviour that he teaches to ensure that his clients are motivated and equipped to take control of their personal and professional development.

He has designed and delivered highly effective, attention-grabbing and action-packed programs in the following topic areas:

  • management development
  • customer service
  • presentation skills
  • facilitation techniques
  • conflict management
  • sales
  • time management
  • negotiation skills
  • team building
  • self-management

Dionne Hose

Dionne has 14 years experience in education and training and brings strong instructional design and project management skills to On-Demand Training Solutions' clients.

Dionne is currently completing a Masters in Education and has achieved the following accreditations:

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Education and Training
  • Bachelor of Science and Education
  • Internal Auditor
  • Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.

Dionne is an experienced instructional designer having worked on a number of projects within the corporate sector, government agencies and emergency services in Australia and overseas. Her skills have been applied to the design, development, delivery and assessment of training programs in the areas of insurance and financial services, occupational health and safety, risk management, induction and mentoring packages, and public safety training package. Dionne understands the competency specifications and industry requirements and has undertaken competency and compliance mapping.

Matt Guyan

Matt is a skilled learning and development practitioner who has been involved in adult education for the past four years.

Matt has achieved the following accreditations:

  • Master of Human Resource Management
  • Certificate IV in Training and Assessment
  • Certificate IV in Frontline Management

He is currently completing a Master of Adult Education (Global).

Matt has experience in the finance sector as a classroom facilitator working for a large Australian building society. His primary responsibility was training new branch staff in a simulated environment, covering topics such as legislative requirements, transaction processing and customer service. He has designed and developed new training materials and improved existing learning materials including facilitator guides, participant workbooks, on-the-job assessments and job aids. He has also conducted many workplace assessments and workplace coaching sessions.

He was responsible for the management of a Certificate III in financial services traineeship program. This included delivery of material, assessment, recording of results and processing of employer incentives.

His current instructional design experience is in the area of e-learning and involves defining the target audience and learning environment, content gathering and analysis, working with SMEs, structuring and writing content and designing enjoyable and interactive activities. Matt has worked with clients from the automotive and finance industries.

Matt is passionate about learning and development and its contribution to individual and organisational success. He is knowledgeable in the area of adult learning theory and its application to different learning environments. He also has great attention to detail in all aspects of his work.

Jude Parsons

The perfect grammar and spelling in all of our documents is due not only to the outstanding skills of our instructional design team, but also to our proof-reader, Jude.

Jude has excellent abilities in the areas of written and verbal communication and customer service, and brings a high level of professionalism to all she undertakes.

She has experience working in a variety of roles, including administration, secretarial, television research, festival management, copywriting, editing and proofreading.

Jude's experience includes:

  • proof-reading and sub-editing the quarterly magazine "Otherways"
  • writing advertising copy for clients in the health and fitness sector
  • researching and writing web content for clients in the building industry
  • writing and editing corporate documents and procedures
  • writing staff biographies and web content for a large veterinary practice
  • contributing articles for various magazines

Jude's organised and efficient approach to projects and the ability to meet deadlines have been honed and proven through her work in television research, festival management and various secretarial positions.